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1. Key Traits

  • AKC Group: Terrier
  • Peak: 11–16 inches
  • Weight: 11–15.5 kilos
  • Life Expectancy: 15 years

Border terriers, a.ok.a. borders, are small, scruffy canines as soon as used to clear foxes out of their holes and hunt vermin and pests. They’ve small, dark-colored, V-shaped ears and eyes which are a darkish hazel and medium in dimension. The tail is tapered, and the toes are small and compact.

Their weather-resistant double coat consists of a brief, wiry outer coat and a dense, quick undercoat. Coat colours embody grizzly and tan, blue and tan, purple or wheaten. It’s additionally potential that a few of these canines carry white markings on their chest.

2. The place They Got here From

Border terriers originated in Cheviot Hills, close to the border (therefore the title) of England and Scotland. This older breed of Nice Britain hunted foxes, otters, vermin and badgers, to title a number of.

Borders weren’t well-known all through Nice Britain, however the breed was acknowledged by the English Kennel Membership in 1920. The Border Terrier Membership was shaped inside the similar yr, and shortly thereafter the American Kennel Club acknowledged the breed in 1930.

Border terriers have few well being issues, however canine epileptoid cramping syndrome is considered one of them. By: localpups (Prime: Roger Hall)

three. How Pleasant Are They?

Borders are alert, agile, pleasant and affectionate. They’re easy to train and get alongside properly with different canines. You shouldn’t go away them alone with different pets, although — their excessive prey drive might kick in. Nonetheless, they often get alongside tremendous with cats in the event that they had been raised or socialized with them.

These canines are tremendous with kids and are often good watchdogs, although they don’t seem to be aggressive. We suggest coaching and socialization to get rid of the potential of small dog syndrome.

Borders like to dig, so put aside an space to your canine to fulfill this want.

four. Is This the Proper Canine for You?

Train Wants

HIGH: These little hunters want daily exercise. They’ve loads of vitality and stamina, though these regularly decrease because the canines become old (they’re nonetheless energetic in puppyhood and for years after).

Borders might chase non-canine pets, so maintain yours on a leash or in an enclosed space when outside.

Grooming Wants

MEDIUM: Brushing a number of instances per week is sufficient to maintain your border’s coat wholesome. Nonetheless, as a result of the coat should be professionally groomed or hand-stripped a number of instances a yr (2–three instances or extra, relying on the reduce), we rank their coat upkeep as a medium.

The coat doesn’t shed a lot, however common grooming is vital to forestall matting and knotting, in accordance to Debbie Dee, writer of The Complete Guide to Border Terriers. “Most border terriers can benefit from at least monthly bathing, but if your dog has a penchant for getting dirty, you may want to do it as often as once a week,” says Dee. “Make sure you pick a no-tear shampoo because the border terrier’s eyes and skin are delicate.”

Well being Issues

LOW: Essentially the most prevalent well being drawback in borders is canine epileptoid cramping syndrome (CECS), a situation that mimics epilepsy in its symptoms.

Watch this rowdy border pup eliminate some pent-up vitality:

5. The place to Undertake One

I discovered a number of purebred and mixed-breed borders obtainable for adoption throughout a latest search. Examine together with your native shelters and rescues to see what borders they’ve.

Should you contact a breeder, inquire concerning the dad and mom and well being clearances (hip, eye and elbow — a take a look at to screen for CECS isn’t obtainable and is tough to diagnose). Preserve vigilant for any puppy mill red flags.

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