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1. Key Traits

  • AKC Group: Terrier
  • Peak: 17.5–20 inches
  • Weight: 33–40 kilos
  • Life Expectancy: 12–15 years

5 Things to Know About Kerry Blue Terriers

Kerry blue terriers are medium-sized canines with small, darkish eyes and V-shaped ears that fold over. The tail is straight, set excessive and normally docked, although tail docking is against the law in components of Europe for non-working canines.

Regardless of the “blue” on this breed’s title, the tender, wavy coat is available in:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Blue and black
  • Blue and grey
  • Blue and silver
  • Silver
  • Silver blue
  • Slate blue
  • Grey

At start, the coat is black, however the shade normally fades over time into its ultimate shade at round 18 months of age.

2. The place They Got here From

5 Things to Know About Kerry Blue Terriers

Kerry blue terriers are from Kerry County in Eire, the place they’ve lived for a whole lot of years. Initially used for searching and retrieving on land and water, in addition they herded livestock and had been used for utility functions in Eire and later England.

The breed was reportedly first proven in america on the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in 1922. The American Kennel Membership acknowledged the breed shortly after by including it to the Miscellaneous Class. The US Blue Terrier Membership was shaped in 1926.

Kerry blue terriers’ coats needs to be trimmed each 2 months. By: tree_leaf_clover (Prime: Radomír Režný)

3. How Pleasant Are They?

5 Things to Know About Kerry Blue Terriers

These canines are sensible, energetic, playful and adapt simply to completely different conditions.

Though they typically have a lovable temperament, they will get snappy with other dogs and will not tolerate cats and different small animals. Correctly introducing new animals to your Kerry in a managed setting may help. Supervise your canine’s interplay with different animals.

Kerrys are affectionate with relations but in addition protecting, so we advocate thorough socialization and training. They make superb watchdogs and barely bark until they’ve a motive.

4. Is This the Proper Canine for You?

Train Wants

MEDIUM: Want to expel your Kerry’s power and preserve them entertained? Day by day walks and play indoors ought to do the trick. These active dogs are used to having jobs to do however are simply as completely satisfied lounging round and enjoying with their relations.

Delicate to harsh self-discipline, Kerrys want constructive reinforcement coaching. This may also assist curb the potential of your canine creating small dog syndrome.

Grooming Wants

MEDIUM: Brush your Kerry totally as soon as per week. Though the coat doesn’t shed, trim it every 2 months.

Additionally, you will want to pluck the hairs out of the ears and clear the eyes usually — Kerrys have a tendency to have issues with eye infections.

Well being Issues

MEDIUM: A substantial quantity of potential health problems are related to Kerry blue terriers, together with:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Eye issues (entropion, cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy and dry eye)
  • Thyroid issues
  • Genetic nerve dysfunction (progressive neuronal abiotrophy)
  • Ear infections
  • Patellar luxation (knees)
  • Genetic blood clotting dysfunction (Issue XI mutation)
  • Periodontal disease
  • Most cancers
  • Degenerative myelopathy (spinal wire deterioration)

Try this cutie Kerry, who solely needs to get dry after a shower:

5. The place to Undertake One

Kerry blue terriers are troublesome to discover. A current on-line search turned up none — not even combined breeds — anyplace within the nation. If you need one, you’ll most certainly have to contact a breeder.

Contact the nationwide mum or dad membership to ask for a referral, and ensure the breeder you contact can produce well being testing experiences on the canines. That is particularly necessary due to the genetic well being issues that could be handed down by means of the generations.

Get some screening experiences for hip dysplasia when you’re at it. You need to make certain that your potential canine doesn’t have these situations, in fact, but it surely’s additionally useful for everybody else searching for Kerrys that breeders aren’t breeding canines that suffer from inherited sicknesses.

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