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The serval cat just isn’t your typical home cat, however, this hasn’t stopped lots of people from falling in love with these lovely, wild cats.

Serval Cat Historical past

The serval cat is from Africa the place tall grass and bushes can conceal this tall kitty from it is meals. Male servals can weigh as much as 40 kilos and stand at nearly 2 ft tall at their shoulders. They’re identified to resemble cheetahs, however, have shorter tails then their bigger cousins.

Serval Cat Habits

These cats are normally shy through the day and extra lively at evening. They use their sight and listening to greater than their sense of odor to search out their prey. They usually play with their meals earlier than consuming it and may even hear prey underground!

Servals make quite a lot of noises, or vocalizations. They make a excessive pitched cry to name different servals, growl, make a spitting noise, purr, and extra.

Feeding Serval Cats

Servals are very smart cats. When feeding them, a recreation or puzzle that makes the cat problem-solve will trigger the meal to be extra rewarding for them (that is known as enrichment). Within the wild, servals eat no matter is out there, which makes offering essentially the most pure weight loss program as pets tough. We could not essentially have entry to the whole lot Africa has to supply wild servals, however rodents, rabbits, birds, fish, bugs, reptiles, and frogs are all available to us to offer an assorted weight loss program of protein sources.

Complete prey ought to be supplied however do not be alarmed in case your serval eats so quick that he regurgitates the whole lot proper again up.

A feline complement, corresponding to Mazuri’s Carnivore Complement for Complete Prey, ought to be added to the meals as effectively. A formulated pelleted weight loss program is alright for including to a weight loss program however shouldn’t make up the majority of any meal.

Housing Pet Serval Cats

Having the longest legs of any cat (in proportion to their our bodies), servals are agile jumpers in addition to skilled diggers. They will catch birds over 9 ft within the air and dig a pair ft into the bottom to get underneath a fence.

Massive outside enclosures are a should for these extremely lively (they roam as much as four miles within the wild a day) and solitary cats. Being nocturnal, they’re extra lively at evening and have been identified to leap out of fenced areas or dig out underneath fences. With that being stated, an outside enclosure must be fully fenced in on all sides with a high and the perimeters ought to go down a couple of ft deep into the bottom. A easy canine run simply will not do.

A pool of water can be vital for ingesting, swimming, and maybe even permitting your serval cat to catch his personal fish in.

Particular serval harnesses can be found to help with strolling and for the security of your serval since they don’t seem to be constructed like different cats.

Caring for a Pet Serval

In a nutshell, servals will not be for most individuals. These are nonetheless thought-about wild catsand threat is all the time concerned when proudly owning a wild animal for the proprietor and the close by public – to not point out the cat. If you cannot present the suitable area, meals, time, and cash wanted to take care of these lovely cats then do not get one.

These will not be lap cats like your persian, or perhaps a bengal. They’re wild animals – even when they arrive from a breeder who has been breeding servals for years. It takes a very long time to cultivate a species.

You should create a safe, massive outside enclosure in your African cat, present a heat surroundings year-round, feed complete prey meals objects (this implies conserving numerous lifeless rodents and different meals available), present veterinary care from an skilled exotics vet, perceive the dangers concerned in proudly owning such a cat, and far more. Savannah cats are sometimes the path to go in the event you just like the look of the serval however want a tamer, simpler to take care of cat. Plus servals are unlawful to personal in most states. Do your analysis previous to buying a serval cat.