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Female canine is perhaps only a bit daintier, no? By: FMCreative

I’ve grown up with feminine canine within the household since I was a child. In order quickly as I was out alone, I naturally defaulted to rescuing an cute feminine pit bull named Annabelle.

Every of the feminine canine in my life has shared the identical center title (Lynn — don’t ask me why), and every has had their very own very totally different character.

Then, in the future, alongside got here Toby, a barely alive pit bull pet who was left within the parking zone of a Walmart. My brother took him in, and whereas he’s not technically my canine, Toby is likely one of the biggest loves of my life. 

A New Expertise

When I take into consideration the female dogs I’ve raised, the phrase “fiery” comes to thoughts. Whereas every has been a distinct breed, they’ve all been strong-willed, impartial ladies. 

Toby, alternatively, is sort of a huge, barrel-bodied teddy bear. There’s not a feisty bone in that canine’s physique. Actually, earlier than Annabelle got here alongside, Toby had the misfortune of sharing a home with “Taffy,” a 9-pound Yorkshire terrier who completely dominated him. Poor Toby might by no means get the eye he wished.

Whether or not these personalities stem from their upbringing, gender or one thing completely totally different altogether, I would possibly by no means know.

In fact, judging by the title of this text, I have a little bit of a confession to make: Whatever the unhindered love I’ve seen Toby overflow with, I nonetheless choose feminine canine to male canine. So what offers?


Toby’s sole function in life is to give and obtain love. That’s all he thinks or cares about. Annabelle, alternatively, has a mind that never stops racing. You possibly can see it in her eyes.

From my interactions with them, together with numerous different canine I’ve crossed paths with, I discover this sample quite a bit: Whereas the males intention to please you, the females like to bask in slightly self-glory alongside the way in which.

Female canine are spunky and decisive. They love you, however when issues aren’t going their means, it’s not arduous to inform. They are often like youngsters — I swear I’ve seen Annabelle roll her eyes at me.

Personally, I love that. Give me slightly perspective (in a great way, in fact) any day. I’ll take it.

Do you agree that feminine canine are spunkier than male canine? By: juanngomezz


I received’t deny it — that is biased. In my expertise, nevertheless, coaching feminine canine has been a breeze. I’ve conquered fundamentals in mere days and intermediate tricks like they’re nothing. I discover feminine canine to be extremely astute and conscious. When coaching feminine canine, I’ve additionally observed a robust tendency for them to “please” primarily based off one thing they need, like treats or reward.

Coaching male canine — notably Toby — has been totally different. Toby has all the time wished to please his individuals, however not by studying new behavior or methods. As a substitute, he goals to please by sharing his love. 

It’s just like the boys are in it for you, and the ladies are in it for themselves. Personally, I get pleasure from and admire the independence I’ve seen within the females.


Let’s face it — feminine canine are daintier than male canine. Females don’t elevate their legs to pee, for instance.

Not solely that, male canine who aren’t neutered have a tendency to be dominated by hormones. These hormones would possibly lead to displays of, er, let’s call it ardor — with one other canine in the home, a pillow and even your leg. In fact, females have also been known to do this, however nonetheless.

When I’m cuddling Annabelle on the sofa or in mattress, we generally snuggle up face-to-face (that’s completely regular, proper?). She will get full-on stomach rubs, and regardless that she’s huge, she generally will get picked up like a toddler.

With Toby, or any male canine, for that matter, sure bits and items make that up-close snuggling slightly farther away. It simply doesn’t really feel fairly as doable to me.

The Verdict? You Resolve.

The query is: Am I fallacious for preferring feminine canine to males? I’ve cherished both genders fiercely, however on the finish of the day, I know which one I choose.

Perhaps it’s the results of rising up with feminine canine. Perhaps I’m basing it off of all of the opinions above. That being stated, I can’t be the one one on the market who has a desire, whether or not justified or not.

Have you ever had expertise elevating each females and males? If that’s the case, what’s your take? Are you utterly unbiased towards both gender, or is there a draw — irrespective of how small — to one gender over the opposite? Tell us within the feedback.