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What do chocolate, xylitol (a man-made sweetener) and raisins have in widespread?

These are all examples of meals which might be protected for individuals to eat, however they’re poisonous to canine. These three meals all spotlight how your pet’s physique works otherwise from how yours works.

I used to be reminded of one other instance solely this week by Izzy, a terrier present process remedy for meningitis. Izzy had are available for her sixth cycle of chemotherapy medicine, which had been serving to suppress her immune system that was working time beyond regulation and attacking her personal mind. The resulted in a “sterile meningitis,” which is to say a meningitis not brought on by a micro organism or virus.


In People

Meningitis refers to an inflammation of the membranes (meninges) across the mind.

Meningitis in individuals is taken into account infectious as a result of it’s brought on by catching a micro organism or virus. However not everybody who comes into contact with a meningitis bug will turn into in poor health; as a substitute, some might turn into wholesome carriers and a supply of an infection for others.

Fortunately, there are extremely efficient vaccines obtainable in opposition to the most typical strains that protect these at biggest threat.

In Dogs

In canine, infectious meningitis is uncommon, and it’s unusual for a canine to undergo from bacterial or viral meningitis. However — and it’s an enormous “but” — this doesn’t mean dogs don’t get meningitis. They do; it’s simply the causes aren’t normally infectious.

Causes of Canine Meningitis

Meningitis in canine is mostly brought on by irritation and swelling slightly than an an infection. Consider this as being much like the distinction between sneezing attributable to an allergy and sneezing caused by flu.

Digging deeper, the query turns into, “Why causes the dog’s brain to become inflamed?”

This may be right down to:

  • An autoimmune condition: The place the physique’s immune system assaults its personal tissue, together with the mind and constructions linked to the mind. Different examples of autoimmune situations embrace rheumatoid arthritis and hemolytic anemia.
  • Breed-related: Many canine breeds have a genetic tendency towards meningitis, equivalent to:
  • Idiopathic: The phrase “idiopathic” is mostly a smokescreen we disguise behind when, after investigation, no underlying trigger is discovered.
A stiff neck is a symptom of canine meningitis. By: marvays


Meningitis signs in canine are inclined to “wax and wane.” In different phrases, the signs come and go over a number of hours, days or typically even weeks.

Typically the primary signal is stiffness, with the canine strolling like a dwelling rocking horse, losing their appetite and crying in ache when their collar is placed on. Neck ache is a traditional sign up canine, simply as in individuals, however with the added complication slipped disc will look related. Thus the vet might want to run exams to take a look at what’s inflicting the neck ache.

Nevertheless, in contrast to individuals, canine with meningitis don’t run a rash. That’s as a result of that attribute purple rash in individuals is right down to septicemia secondary to an infection. Dogs usually don’t undergo from bacterial meningitis (plus they put on a fur onesie), so you possibly can’t depend on a rash as a clue.

Lengthy story quick: In case your canine is acting oddly and particularly in the event that they has a stiff neck, it’s finest to get them checked by a vet.


The quick reply is vet might have a hunch fairly quickly after seeing the canine, however exams are required to substantiate that suspicion. The stiff neck and inflexible stance put meningitis right up there, however reaching a definitive prognosis might require referral to a specialist.

It is because the exams are sometimes fairly specialised, equivalent to analyzing a pattern of cerebrospinal fluid or working an MRI scan of the mind. But when the indicators are strongly suggestive, how vital is reaching a definitive prognosis?

Essential! It is because the indicators are nonspecific and may be brought on by different points needing totally different remedy equivalent to:

  • Slipped disc
  • Anatomical defects (equivalent to SME in Cavaliers)
  • Head trauma
  • Mind tumors
  • High blood pressure

It’s additionally vital to rule out an an infection, for the reason that remedy is excessive doses of medication that suppress the immune system and will cease the physique preventing an infection.

Regardless of somewhat muscle stiffness, this dachshund seems to be doing fairly properly after a meningitis prognosis:


Remedy goals to settle the irritation and change off the inappropriate immune response. This implies high doses of steroids typically together with different immunosuppressive medicine.

The canine requires remedy for weeks, and solely as soon as they enhance can the doses be slowly dropped down after 6 weeks. In lots of circumstances, the canine wants to remain on a upkeep dose of treatment to stop a relapse.

Certainly, this was the explanation for Izzy’s go to. As a result of she was responding so properly, she was being monitored forward of a deliberate dose discount.

Aspect Results of Remedy

Sadly, excessive doses of steroids are related to unintended effects equivalent to:

Which once more means the vet needs to make sure of the prognosis earlier than committing the affected person to long-term remedy.

So sure, canine do get meningitis, however the causes differ from people who have an effect on individuals. Like the consequences of chocolate, xylitol or raisins on a canine, meningitis is one other instance of how totally different the canine physique is to ours. This is the reason the sensible human takes an ailing canine to a vet as a substitute of attempting to remedy them at dwelling.