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Maker: The J.M. Smucker Firm
Trigger: Potential for low ranges of pentobarbital
Announcement: Gravy Train website announcement, Kibbles ‘N Bits website announcement, firm e-mail to Petful dated Feb. 15, 2018
What was recalled: The corporate is withdrawing from the market the next canned canine meals (apparently all dates):

Gravy Train:

  • 13.2 oz. With T-Bone Taste Chunks, UPC# 7910052541
  • 13.2 oz. With Beef Strips, UPC# 7910052542
  • 13.2 oz. With Lamb and Rice Chunks, UPC# 7910052543
  • 22 oz. With Hen Chunks, UPC# 7910051645
  • 22 oz. With Beef Chunks, UPC# 7910051647
  • 13.2 oz. With Beef Chunks, UPC# 7910034417
  • 13.2 oz. With Hen Chunks, UPC# 7910034418
  • 13.2 oz. Chunks in Gravy Stew, UPC# 7910051933
  • 13.2 oz. Hen, Beef & Liver Medley, UPC# 7910051934
  • 13.2 oz. Chunks in Gravy with Beef Chunks, UPC# 7910034417

Kibbles ‘N Bits:

  • 13.2 oz. Burger Bacon Cheese and Turkey Bacon Vegetable Selection 12-Pack, UPC# 7910010377 and 7910010378
  • 13.2 oz. Beef, Hen, Vegetable, Meatball Pasta and Turkey Bacon Vegetable Selection Pack, UPC# 7910010382, 7910048367 and 7910010378
  • 13.2 oz. Beef, Hen, Vegetable, Burger Bacon Cheese and Beef Vegetable Selection Pack, UPC# 7910010380, 7910010377 and 7910010375
  • 13.2 oz. Moist Selection Pack, UPC# 7910010375 and 7910048367
  • 13.2 oz. Chef’s Selection Bistro Tender Cuts With Actual Beef & Vegetable in Gravy, UPC# 7910010375 and 7910048367
  • Chef’s Selection Homestyle Tender Slices With Actual Beef, Hen & Greens in Gravy, UPC# 7910010378 and 7910010380

This recall (which the corporate is looking a “voluntary withdrawal”) follows an explosive report earlier this month that found traces of pentobarbital, a robust sedative typically used as a euthanasia drug, in examined cans of Gravy Train pet food.

In an assertion to Petful this morning, The J.M. Smucker Firm says these steps are being taken “out of an abundance of caution” as a result of sure shipments “do not meet our quality specifications.”

The assertion continued: “The presence of this substance at any level is not acceptable to us and not up to our quality standards. We sincerely apologize for the concern this has caused. We take this very seriously and are extremely disappointed that pentobarbital was introduced to our supply chain. We have narrowed the focus of our investigation to a single supplier and a single, minor ingredient, used at one manufacturing facility. We will take the appropriate steps to ensure this does not occur again.”

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