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With the climate heating up pet house owners, significantly in Queensland, New South Wales and Northern Territory, must be vigilant of undesirable company of their gardens – cane toads.

Cane toads can kill canine and are prolific in the summertime months.

Justin Jordan from Jordan Dog Coaching says conserving canine away from cane toads generally is a main problem, particularly these canine with a excessive prey drive.


“Dogs are often drawn to chase cane toads, and they may lick, nose-nudge or pick up cane toads in their mouth,” he stated.


“When cane toads feel threatened, for example, by a dog’s unsolicited attention, they release a toxin that looks like a white sticky slime from the glands on their back,”

“This toxin will stick to your dog’s tongue and gums if they handle the toad with their mouth,”

“The rapid-acting toxin is then absorbed by the membranes in the dog’s mouth, causing symptoms ranging in severity depending upon the amount of toxin absorbed.”

Jordan shares the next suggestions for indicators, signs and first support suggestions.


    • Profuse salivation, drooling and/or frothing from the mouth


    • Very pink and slimy gums


    • Pawing on the mouth


    • Vomiting


    • Disorientation, shivers and/or tremors


    • Muscle rigidity, spasms or seizures


    • Very speedy coronary heart fee and/or coronary heart beat irregularities


    • Demise



It is important to behave shortly to supply first support and veterinary consideration in case your pet is uncovered to the toxin.

    • Take away the toxin out of your canine’s mouth (tongue and gums) as quickly as potential. To do that, use a moist material to totally wipe the within of your canine’s mouth.


    • Proceed to rinse the canine’s mouth for 10-15 minutes with gradual operating hose or faucet. Be cautious of the course of water to keep away from it taking place the canine’s throat or into the airway.


    • If your canine settles down after wiping and rinsing the mouth out, maintain them confined for a number of home and monitor them very carefully for additional signs.


It’s really useful to seek the advice of your vet or native vet emergency when any poisoning has occurred.

The state of affairs can shortly turn into life threatening, requiring veterinarian monitoring and therapy with intravenous fluids and anti-seizure remedy.


    • Hold your canine locked inside at evening, away from the specter of the cane toads.


    • You may additionally prefer to attempt to educate your canine to keep away from cane toads altogether. It may be very efficient for some canine, however not for others.


    • To not solely forestall poisoning of your pet but additionally the pure surroundings and wildlife you might want to contemplate eradication of the cane toads. A humane and straightforward method of doing that is through the use of a product “Hop Stop”, obtainable at most shops.