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The causes in your canine peeing on the mattress, may be damaged down into medical and behavioural causes. We run via what that you must find out about each.

Indicators that it might be a medical one embrace sudden onset of the downside, dribbling urine with out your canine realizing, or any issues with urination resembling straining or elevated frequency. There’s extra data on the doable medical causes under.


Basic lack of home coaching is usually a reason for your canine peeing indoors. That is clearly extra frequent in puppies. With any coaching, comply with the golden rule of ‘reward the behavior you want, ignore the behavior you don’t’. Punishing the conduct of peeing inside can confuse your pet into considering you don’t need it to urinate or defecate, and may improve the nervousness round the act making the downside worse.

In the event that they do bathroom inside, take away them and place them the place you desire to them to bathroom, then give a mild pat. At the side of this, take your pet outdoors repeatedly, and particularly after a meal. Once they bathroom outdoors, quietly reward them with a deal with or pat. Attempt to not get too over-excited about it. Learn extra about the way to bathroom prepare your pet here.

In case your canine is definitely excited/anxious (the two can go hand in hand) then this will trigger momentary lack of bladder management. That is frequent in puppies who’re studying the way to management their bladder and so they can generally pee with out realizing when they’re particularly excited.

If leaping on the mattress is related to nervousness or pleasure in your pet, then it’s best to disregard them in the event that they get onto the mattress. As with most behaviors, punishing your pet is fruitless, and may make the downside worse by rising nervousness related to being ‘caught’ on the mattress.

If there’s something else that’s inflicting your pet to change into anxious and so they soar on the mattress as a consolation mechanism, then this can be the underlying reason for the peeing (versus the mattress itself). On this scenario, it might be greatest to create an space your canine feels snug that isn’t a mattress! However you additionally must deal with no matter is resulting in the underlying nervousness eg. Thunderstorms, separation from you, different noise, different concern of one thing and so on.

dog pee bed

Sticking to a day by day schedule and good coaching might help to cut back nervousness. There are additionally anti-anxiety medicines that may be very useful and may be prescribed by your vet. A veterinary behaviourist is price a go to if the downside is bothering you or is related to different anxious behaviours. Any canine with even a touch of aggression ought to see a Veterinary behaviourist asap.

Marking conduct is extra frequent in cats, however definitely can happen with canine. It is crucial with these canine to determine a heirachy with you at the high! Then they really feel much less must mark the territory and shield you and themselves, as you might be high canine so the job is yours. Once more it will be important to not punish the conduct, however definitely attempt to maintain your canine out of the space the place they’re marking, then look to work with a Veterinary behaviorist on the underlying nervousness or territorial conduct.


Particularly if the conduct is new, it might be associated to a medical downside. When you discover urine on the mattress after your canine has been sleeping, or your canine dribbles urine with out realizing, it might be attributable to a situation generally known as hormone-responsive urinary incontinence.

This type of urinary incontinence is extra frequent in desexed animals (no matter what age they’re desexed). It typically responds to medicines that work on the bladder sphincter. It’s a good suggestion to deal with as urinary incontinence can predispose canine to elevated water consumption and urinary tract infections.

There are different causes of urinary incontinence apart from the hormone-responsive sort resembling a congenital abnormality (through which case you’ll often see dribbling urine from a younger age), elevated water consumption from any trigger, bladder stones, spinal damage, sure medicines , most cancers (uncommon) or a prostate situation.

Urinary tract infections are additionally a medical reason for inappropriate urination. Urinary tract infections can result in irritation of the bladder and a subsequent sudden urge to pee. Your canine could then merely must pee wherever they’re, and this can be the mattress! Different doable signs of a urinary tract an infection are extra frequent urinations, straining to urinate, smelly urine or blood in the urine.

Canine cognitive dysfunction is usually a downside in older canine and is often known as ‘doggie dementia’. One in every of the signs of doggie dementia is inappropriate toileting.

Elevated water consumption will inevitably result in elevated must urinate and your canine could not have the ability to maintain on for as lengthy. There are a number of medical situations that may trigger a canine to extend water consumption. A few of the extra frequent ones are kidney illness, diabetes, incontinence as mentioned above, Cushing’s illness, most cancers and liver illness.
If you’re suspicious of a medical situation, the neatest thing you are able to do is take your pet to the vet with a urine pattern in hand. Acquire this pattern in a clear container (or decide one up out of your clinic beforehand) and ideally take the first urination of the day. Your vet will then often have the ability to do a minimum of a fundamental evaluation inhouse that very day, which is able to give clues as to what the subsequent step is.